Nevada Veterans Association

The Nevada Veterans Association is the political arm of Veterans and their families who live in Nevada. Their mission is to be the political voice and meet the needs for all Veterans and their families who live in Nevada through effective partnerships.

Clark County Education Association


The Clark County Education Association is a union of educators committed to elevating the education profession ensuring safe and just working conditions, and economic security for educators, through collective advocacy for the advancement of free, universal, quality public education.

Veterans - SGM Brown (Ret.) & Chief Crathers (Ret.)

As a retired Command Sergeant Major and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a school teacher I believe John Anzalone will be a sound voice for the people of Nevada.
Robert Brown

As a Retired Chief Warrant Officer Four Army Officer and Teacher I know John Anzalone will be the best choice for the Great State of Nevada people.
Loyd Crathers

Dr. Greta Peay, Chief Instructional Services Officer, CCSD

Dr. Peay has been a role model, mentor, and great supporter of mine for many years, and she epitomizes what great educators should be; logical, compassionate, and simply, good for kids. Thank you, Greta, for your inspiration and friendship, and for your lifetime commitment to education.

Frank De Angelis, Retired Principal, Columbine HS

Frank and I share a common belief in Safe and Sound School’s mission to support crisis prevention, response, and recovery, and to protect every school, every day. Thank you, Frank, for your inspiration and for your lifetime commitment to student safety.

Retired School Administrators Association

I was honored to be invited to their monthly breakfast this morning, and I was humbled to sit among some of the legends and school namesakes of CCSD.

Endorsements Continued...

Ian Salzman, NV Teacher of the Year

Nevada Teacher of the Year, Ian Salzman. Ian is the type of teacher who others aspire to be. He truly cares about children, is a mentor to other educators, and is a respected practitioner in his field. 

Filipino-American Educators of America

Let’s support a candidate who has a strong and valid reason to be there in Congress. Dr. Anzalone for Congress! Joma Matutino

Dr. Jeff Geihs, School Associate Superintendent, Turnaround Zone

John Anzalone is a good man who will fight for school safety, veterans in need of transition skills, dreamers and seniors who need dignified home health care! I support his candidacy. Thanks, John, for getting in the arena and fighting for our students and the people of Nevada.

Katherine Duncan, Executive Director, Harrison House

Katherine is the former president of the Las Vegas Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce and has been dedicated to the continued creation of an economically vibrant community in NLV.

Nevada Association of School Psychologists

The Nevada Association of School Psychologists embodies a unified community that advances opportunities for School Psychologists across the state.

Education. Energy. Equity.

What Dr. Anzalone Stands For


Principal John Anzalone has been part of this community for 29 years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. He recently organized and hosted a School Safety Summit, bringing the community together to promote safer schools.


John Anzalone knows the value of clean energy. That's why he is running for US Congress, District 4. He is one of the only school administrators in Nevada to convert all lighting to LED to help bring awareness to this important issue.


Equal rights for all is very personal to me. Having served families for 18 years in education has inspired me to fight for human rights. I will not only fight for women's rights, but equality for the LGBTQ communty.