The Issues



Education is the most valuable asset anyone can have. It truly is the key to success and the foundation of a bright future. I believe that a strong principal is vital to all schools, and building a safe, rigorous, and engaging environment is critical to a high achieving school. If elected, I will:

  • secure Federal funds to rebuild unsafe components of schools, develop a nationwide recruitment and retention plan to fill mental health vacancies in schools, and work with State Superintendents to emphasize online programs w/counseling and mental health supports for our most violent students
  • fight to increase Pell Grants
  • support tax deductible college tuition
  • support school choice, but only after the family takes a strong look at their zoned school
  • reduce class sizes
  • recruit and support high quality teachers
  • hold educators and parents equally accountable for student achievement
  • find alternative choices for students who have committed egregious crimes on/off campus
  • Strengthen Historical Black Colleges by providing federal funding and fighting against privatization

Energy and the Environment

Clean and renewable energy is the future and educating citizens is of the utmost urgency. It is our responsibility to protect our cities, states, country, and world for future generations. If elected, I will: 

  • develop bills that focus on renewable energy and efficient vehicles
  • invest in technology & transportation friendly to earth
  • educate constituants on the positive impact of solar energy and the use of LED lighting
  • support the Streamlining Equity Efficiency for Schools Act of 2017

Equity & Diversity

Equal rights for all is an issue that is very personal to me. Having two beautiful daughters has inspired me to fight for women's rights, but also fair and equal treatment of all Americans. If elected, I will:

  • be vocal against racial and religious profiling
  • Protect and stand up for the Right to Life
  • support and defend the Equality Act of 2017 that amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity among the prohibited categories of discrimination or segregation in places of public accommodation
  • stand up against racial profiling by law enforcement
  • Fight for Federal guidelines that protect unarmed victims 
  • support bills that fight for equal pay & employment

Opioid Addiction

Even when opioids are taken exactly as prescribed, some patients may still become addicted. And not all patients take opioids as prescribed. For example, patients may take more than one dose at a time or pair their opioid medication with other medications that are contraindicated. Potential for abuse increases if patients have any common risk factors such as a history of mental illness or substance abuse (Search and Rescue USA, 2018). If elected, I will:

  • sponsor a bill that brings national attention to this issue and develop a 24/7 hotline for those in immediate crisis
  • focus attention on colleges and universities, promoting recovery dorms that protect students from using while in recovery
  • help school districts move from behavior sites to recovery sites for middle and high school students that will further help to plug the school to prison pipeline

2nd Amendment

First and foremost, I am a proponent of our Nation's 2nd Amendment. It is important, however, that we ensure that our children and innocents are safe and protected in a way that does more to help our society than to hurt it. If elected, I will:

  • protect the 2nd Amendment
  • subject potential gun owners to reasonable regulations
  • fight to ban assault weapons and bump stocks
  • vote to close the gun show loophole
  • support mandatory child safety locks
  • support a background check and gun safety course for all gun owners

Veterans & Military Families

I have been extremely fortunate to see off numerous young men and women as they enlist in our armed forces. I cannot express how great my feeling of pride is when these heroes come back to visit, decorated in regalia, while representing our country. Above all, I believe in our military and honor the veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have made. If elected, I will:

  • ensure our military budget is not cut arbitrarily, but closely looked at for modernization and is no longer outdated
  • represent a bipartisan effort to support veterans pre-enlistment, during their service, and after re-entering civilian life
  • fight for quality mental, physical, and emotional heath care for service members and their families during all phases of duty, both active and non-active

Union Labor

Labor unions are the backbone of the American workforce and have been for many years. As a child raised by union employees, I reaped the benefits of a secure, honest way of life that my father's union provided. 

As an adult, I have served a member and Board Member of Administrators' Union, and have witnessed the following:

  • wonderful sense of pride that union members feel, and the peace of mind it provides
  • a fair salary and union support can have on an employee. I fully support unions and always will.
  • the need for large-scale, multi-year job projects
  • the need of continual large-scale, multi-year projects
  • trainings and career pathways formed with local high schools
  • the expansion of apprenticeship programs

Gold Butte/Monument Controversy

In his proclamation designating Gold Butte National Monument, President Barack Obama called the region “a landscape of contrast and transition, where dramatically chiseled red sandstone, twisting canyons, and tree-clad mountains punctuate flat stretches of the Mojave Desert.” It is my opinion that President Trump's overreach to adjust this land's boundaries jeopardizes the sanctity of this monument and precious land. If elected, I will: 

  • fight to protect this land 
  • protect all state and national monuments from major adjustment or destruction
  • support funds to improve and renovate monuments 
  • support legislation thats works to destroy confederate statues and monuments


Though one of the most debatable issues in America, it is also a very complex issue. The bottom line is that healthcare is a human right, and not one American should ever be denied the right to quality and affordable health care. If elected, I will:

  • fight for those with pre-existing conditions
  • support the Affordable Health Care Act and work to improve certain components of the law
  • make sure everyone has access to affordable health care
  • work to expand coverage and cut healthcare costs
  • add prescription drug benefit to Medicare
  • Fight against private insurance and corporate greed that is crippling those in need of healthcare


As a father of three, I believe in the strength of a family. Children are the most precious resource on this planet, and the joy they bring to all of us is priceless. As a man who has adopted two children and has witnessed the heartache of infertility, I appreciate the gift of a child; but deciding how a woman approaches a pregnancy is not my choice to make. If elected, I will:

  • support Roe v Wade, but work for safe access to abortion
  • invest in Stem Cell research
  • protect a woman's right to privacy and equality
  • protect a woman's constitutional right to choose


My experience while serving as principal at Global Community High School was one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of my life. I was privileged to work directly with "Dreamers", humbly searching for a better life, and truly appreciative of the educational opportunities they had at this remarkable school for English Language Learners (ELLs). If elected, I will:

  • fight against the phase-out proposal of DACA
  • support the Dream Act
  • work to reform INS, making this service more efficient
  • support the reduction of the current backlog to citizenship